Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

We spent halloween weekend at Grandma Rose's and had a complete blast. First, we went to her wards halloween party/trunk or treat and then we walked around her neighborhood and went door to door trick or treating. Fun was had by all including our princess, dracula, ninja and baby ballerina.

Pictures at the Temple

Our recent stake conference took place at the stake center down the road from the temple so we decided to head over there afterwards and take some family pictures. Luckily Grandma Rose was visiting so she was the designated photographer. That way Erick could be in the pictures for once.

Another Great Soccer Season

We are so proud of how well Delwin has been doing with soccer. He just completed his third straight undefeated season, and that from being on three completely different teams in three totally different leagues. Erick was lucky enough to be Delwin's coach this past season and I have to say he did an amazing job with those boys. He was a little nervous at first. After that first practice he wasn't entirely convinced that they would be enjoying any wins that season. However, those boys surprised him and they played their hearts out. One of the other coaches told Erick that his team was the hardest that she had come up against all season and that Delwin was the best player in the league. We really couldn't be prouder.

Lilia's crazy hair and hip dance moves.

Kathy decided to give Lilia a new hairdo and then Lilia began to dance around in order to avoid having her diaper changed. We thought it was too cute.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Tide Pool Pics

Memorial Day

This past Memorial Day we had the chance to go back to the Oregon coast and hang out at the beach. As you can tell this was not like the sunny beaches of Hilton Head that we are used to, but there were some special treats most people don't get a chance to see. We just happened to arrive at the beach at low tide which gave us the opportunity to explore some amazing tide pools. If you can't tell Marko is pointing to a colony of starfish clinging to the mussel encrusted rocks. Delwin is holding a hermit crab that he plucked out of the shallow pool behind him. The boys along with some cousins dodged the surf as they poked at anemones, starfish, hermit crabs, sea snails and tiny fish while listening to a brief marine biology lecture from mom. I don't think the boys realized that the ocean was home to anything but dolphins and sharks. They were truly amazed by the numbers of tiny organisms they never imagined existed. We had a great time and ended they day with a delicious meal of 'slumgulleon' (clam chowder with shrimp) at our favorite restaurant and traditional family hang out Mo's. Even little Lilia has begun to develop a taste for seafood-she couldn't get enough of the chowder.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Video of Delwin playing soccer.

Last season he scored 41 GOALS, So he was the leading scorer of the season. So you can only imagine how proud Erick is.